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Race Nights Northern Ireland

Race Night NI brings an exciting night at the races to any venue in Northern Ireland. Our fantastic race nights have the potential to raise thousands of pounds for your club, charity or organisation. Everything is provided before and during the event to ensure your race night is a complete success. Using our professional expertise and experience we are available to contact 24/7 to offer advice and answer any questions you may have prior to your event.

Any venue can be transformed for a night at the races with Race Night NI. Community centres, Pubs, clubs and bars, sports halls, hotels and function rooms can play host to a fantastic nights entertainment from Race Night NI.

Your race night MC & host will organise the entire night and will act as tote/ book keeper and race announcer as well as calculating all the odds and winnings for you throughout the evening. Music of your choice will be played between the races to create add to the atmosphere and you have an option to continue the night with a DJ, karaoke or other entertainment after the races have finished.

How it works

Before your Race Night NI event you sell entrance tickets and horse ownership’s as well as sign up a local business sponsor for each race. Each horse owner gets to name their horse which is then listed in the race programme on the night. Any business sponsors will also be listed in the programme as well as their company logo displayed on the screen.

On the night before each race the betting station is then opened. Horses are picked by number and for each £1 bet placed they will receive a betting ticket for their chosen horse. 50% of the total raised from betting goes to the fundraiser, 50% is then prize money divided between the winning horse owners.

After the betting has closed a race video is then picked at random and the comical horse forms are played before the race begins. After the race the winning ticket holders proceed to collect their prize money before betting opens for the next race.

An auction race can also be included where the crowd bid on the night to own one of the horses for a large prize money pot (determined by how much is raised in the auction). This final 9th race then brings the race night to a close.

Race Night Package includes:

8 races + 1 Bonus Race projected onto our 100″ Screen

MC to host and run the event and work out the odds and prize money

Business Sponsors name and logos are displayed on the screen

Numbered Betting Tickets provided for each race

Black & white printed programmes specific to your event

Digital Flyers for promoting via email and social media

Custom forms for collecting sponsors

Additional fundraising ideas for your event

Optional DJ & Karaoke to finish the evenings entertainment.

Fundraising Examples

Here is an example of the earning capability of a basic 8 race night with only 20 people attending

Business sponsors 8 X £20 = £160

Admission tickets 20 X £5.00 =£100.00

Horse owners 64 X £3 = £192.00

Race night betting £1 per horse = £80.00

Making a £532 profit with only 20 People

Race Night Hire Northern Ireland
Race Night Fundraisers Northern Ireland

Corporate Events

Our corporate race nights are similar to our fundraisers except when placing bets instead of cash, our custom fun money is exchanged and the winner at the end of the night with the most remaining fun money wins a grand prize.

Included in a corporate race night

  • 8 races + 1 bonus race
  • Fun Money
  • Company Branding On Screen
  • Custom Race Programmes
  • Optional DJ & Karaoke
  • Table Betting (optional)
With the table betting option we take care of everything and your guests don’t even need to leave their seats.


Additional Entertainment Services

We also provide other entertainment services that may be booked separately or along with your race night


  • Quiz Night Hire
  • Speedquizzing
  • Bingo Nights
  • Fun Casino Hire
  • Karaoke Hire
  • DJ Hire
  • Live musicians
  • Photobooths
  • Starlight Dancefloors
Race Night NI

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